Armstrong "In The Loop Podcast"

Victim Outreach Intervention Center (VOICe)

February 07, 2022 Armstrong Season 4 Episode 5
Armstrong "In The Loop Podcast"
Victim Outreach Intervention Center (VOICe)
Show Notes

This week's episode features Maizee Zaccone from Victim Outreach Intervention Center (VOICe). Maizee is the Outreach & Volunteer Advocate for VOICe and she educates us on everything the organization does.

We start the episode by learning about VOICe being the sole provider of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other crime services for Butler County. They provide services to any victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or other crime, recent or past. VOICe also assists family members and friends of those who have been assaulted or abused.

Maizee also shares with us how they provide advocacy services to the community regardless of age, gender, race, color, religion, culture, national origin, sexual orientation, economic status, or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability.

Everything VOICe offers and provides is confidential & free to those in need!

We also spend time discussing parts of the VOICe website which Maizee writes the blog articles for the site. She wrote individual episode recaps for two Netflix series, YOU & Maid. We deep dive into both shows and hear how the two showcase different forms of abuse. Please check out these shows and read Maizee's blog articles for additional thoughts.

VOICe is a non-profit and can use the help of the community to enable the services to continue to be provided for free. If you would like to help this wonderful organization:

To learn more about VOICe:

If you're in need of services: 1-800-400-8551