Armstrong "In The Loop Podcast"

Passavant Hospital Foundation- 10th Annual 4K & 8K Run/Walk

July 22, 2022 Armstrong Season 4 Episode 15
Armstrong "In The Loop Podcast"
Passavant Hospital Foundation- 10th Annual 4K & 8K Run/Walk
Show Notes

This week, we're excited to be joined by Anthony Savannah, President of the Passavant Hospital Foundation. We kick off the show learning about the foundation and the importance of what they do for Passavant Hospital, doctors, nurses, patients, and the community.

Passavant Hospital Foundation has many focuses including education seminars & outreach. Anthony shares with us the various types of classes and seminars that they host throughout the year. For more information on outreach:

Our main topic for the episode is to talk about fundraisers and most importantly the 10th Annual 4K & 8K Run/Walk. Passavant Hospital Foundation is excited to celebrate this milestone year for the Run/Walk and have added something new to this already wonderful family event. This year, there will be a Kid's Race for children ages 15 Months to 10 Years Old. The Kid's Race will be prior to the 7pm start for the Run/Walk. The Kid's Race details:
On Friday, August 12th at North Park - Pie Traynor Field, the Foundation will be hosting the FIRST EVER Kid's Race for Ages 15 Months to 8 Years Old! Race will begin promptly at 5:45PM and finish by 6:20PM to allow those who are participating in the 4K or 8K race to get to the starting line. 

Distances for the Kid's Race

- 50 Yard Dash (Ages 15 months to 4 Years Old)
- 1/4 Mile Yard Dash (5 Years Old to 10 Years Old) 
- 1/2 Mile Yard Dash (5 Years Old to 10 Years Old) 

- Child must walk/run unassisted.
- A parent MUST walk near the child in 50 Yard dash
- For those who will not have a parent next to them in the race, they must wait at the end of the finish line for their kid.
- We will have an identifier for each child and parent to wear to match.

There is also a Virtual Race for those that can't make it to North Park on August 12th and the details are below:
You have from Monday, August 1st through Wednesday, August 31st at Midnight to complete the 4K or 8K Race on ANY COURSE YOU LIKE. If you choose to do the virtual event, you will receive a FREE T-Shirt, your race bib (your number) and a finish line sign to take a fun photo to show us you completed your race!

For everyone else that would like to Run/Walk:
On Friday, August 12th at the North Park Pool Loop, the starting line will be by the Harmar Pavilion near Pie Traynor Field.
You will need to be arrive no later than 5:45PM before the Allegheny County Police shut down the road.
The race will start promptly at 7:00PM.

All participants will receive a FREE T-Shirt and race bib (your number).

To register for the Passavant Hospital Foundation 10th Annual 4K & 8K Run/Walk:

Sponsorship Opportunities Available: Please call 412-748-6641 or email for more information

Special Thanks to Anthony Savannah for joining us!